Volunteers painting the garage at 702 Greenwood Ave.

Volunteers painting the garage at 702 Greenwood Ave.

Board Members

Our By-Laws allow us to have more board members than we currently have. If you want to have a say in how we operate, we prefer dedicated contributors over sideline complainers. Ask for our HCC Prospectus if you are interested in serving in this capacity. 

Grant Writers 

A significant portion of our first four years of funding is planned to come from philanthropic foundations. If you are a good writer, have grant writing skills and experience and a passion for preserving historical buildings and community service, there is plenty of rewarding work to do in this area.

Skilled Tradesmen

We take care of historic buildings, providing all the preservation, restoration, repurposing, remodeling, maintenance and repair they require. Volunteer Framers, Trim Carpenters, Drywallers, Painters, Concrete Finishers, Masons, and more go a long way towards helping us achieve our mission and stay within our budget.

Events don’t just happen by themselves. Our volunteers accomplish great things and have a lot of fun doing the behind-the-scenes work of hosting, seating, setup, food prep, tech support and everything else required to make these events a success. Our partners who put on large events often have their own following of volunteers ready to help out.

Ushers/ Event Roadies/ Cleanup